Monteagle Hotel Owners Arrested for Harboring Fugitives in Secret Hideout

Monteagle Hotel Owners Arrested for Harboring Fugitives in Secret Hideout

In Monteagle, Tennessee, hotel owners Dakshaben Patel and Harshil Patel were arrested following a significant police operation at their properties, the Super 8 and Mountain Inn. Their apprehension came after the Monteagle Police Department discovered their involvement in harboring fugitives.

The police had been monitoring the hotel due to increasing drug-related activities in the area. During this surveillance, two wanted felons from Franklin County were spotted by officers on the hotel balcony, leading to their prompt arrest.

Further investigation revealed a carefully concealed room within the hotel, equipped to hide fugitives. This finding has raised serious concerns within the community, as it became clear that the Patels had knowingly misled law enforcement about the presence of these individuals in their establishment.

Both Dakshaben Patel and Harshil Patel now face charges of making false reports to police officers, a felony offense. The arrest marks a significant development in Monteagle’s efforts to combat criminal activity.

The revelation about the hidden room in the Super 8 and Mountain Inn has generated considerable public interest, with questions arising about the duration of its use and the number of fugitives who may have been sheltered there.

As the case against the Patels progresses, the Monteagle community is coming to terms with the unexpected role these local businesses played in criminal activities. The incident underscores the potential for criminal networks to operate in seemingly ordinary settings.


Author: CrimeDoor

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