Mongolia’s Coal Industry Faces Corruption Scandal as Government Officials Implicated

Mongolia’s Coal Industry Faces Corruption Scandal as Government Officials Implicated

Mongolia’s coal industry is facing a corruption scandal as government officials are implicated in a multibillion-dollar coal theft scheme. The country’s Tavantolgoi Coal Deposit, one of the world’s largest, has been a target for corruption, with $11.6 billion in revenues already stolen over the past decade. Investigations by Mongolian authorities have revealed falsified transport records and the involvement of at least seventeen members of Parliament in the theft from the state-owned company, Erdenes Tavantolgoi.

Prime Minister Oyun-Erdene Luvsannamsrai, known for his tough stance on corruption, has launched the “Five W Operations” initiative to combat government corruption. As part of this effort, Luvsannamsrai is demanding investigations into parliament members involved in the coal theft scandal and is determined to hold all parties accountable.

However, two high-ranking politicians, Amarbayasgalan Dashzeveg and Chuluunzagd Tsedenpil, are accused of interfering with the investigations. Dashzeveg, the Chief Cabinet Secretary of the ruling Mongolian People’s Party, and his adviser Tsedenpil have been implicated in another coal theft scandal involving influence, bribery, fraud, and favoritism.

Dashzeveg and Tsedenpil allegedly established Admineral LLC, a company involved in the coal concentration plant servicing the Tavantolgoi mine. The company’s ownership structure involves multiple investment companies, including Monovant LLC, Quzhou Longyuan Trading Co. Ltd, and Ruishen Global Group LLC. Investigations have revealed suspicious financial transactions between these companies and Admineral LLC.


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