Molly Corbett and Her Father Get Additional Jail Time for Gruesome 2015 Murder of Jason Corbett

Molly Martens and her father Thomas Martens

In a recent development in Davidson County, North Carolina, Molly Corbett and her father, Thomas Martens, have been sentenced to additional prison time for the voluntary manslaughter of Molly’s husband, Irish businessman Jason Corbett, in 2015. Davidson Superior Court Judge David Hall ordered sentences ranging from 51 to 74 months, as reported by various news outlets.

Molly Corbett entered a no contest plea, while her father, a former FBI agent, pleaded guilty last week. This plea follows the North Carolina Supreme Court’s decision in 2019 to overturn their initial 2017 second-degree murder convictions and mandate a new trial. Their attorneys stated that both would serve only an additional seven months, taking into account the good behavior sentencing reduction accrued during their prior 44-month incarceration. They were originally sentenced to 20 to 25 years each.

Jason Corbett died in 2015 at the couple’s home in a golf course community in Davidson County. According to investigators, Molly Corbett and Martens fatally injured him using an aluminum baseball bat and a brick paver, leading to skull fractures and injuries across his body. Defense counsel argued that their actions were in self-defense due to a life-threatening altercation.

Molly Corbett and Jason Corbett met in 2008 when she became an au pair for his children from a previous marriage, following his first wife’s death in 2006.

Judge Hall remarked on the complexities of discerning the truth in criminal cases, expressing uncertainty about the actual events of that night. He questioned why neither Martens nor his wife Sharon, who was also present in the house, called emergency services. He also noted the disparity in injuries between Jason Corbett and the defendants.

In court, Martens expressed regret and respect for the law, justifying his actions as necessary to protect his daughter from an allegedly violent Jason Corbett. Molly Corbett defended her role as a wife and mother, claiming she acted to save her father’s life.

Prosecutor Alan Martin emphasized Molly Corbett’s lack of accountability in contrast to her father’s admission of guilt. Both defendants’ attorneys sought lenient sentences without further active prison time.

Impact statements from Jason Corbett’s children, Sarah, now 17, and Jack, were presented. Sarah Corbett expressed feelings of betrayal and manipulation by defense witnesses and attorneys who, she claimed, twisted her words to secure lenient sentences for Molly Corbett and Martens. Jack Corbett revealed he lied to investigators at age 10 and expressed the profound loss he suffered due to his father’s death.

Both children appealed for the maximum 25-year sentence, with Jack Corbett stressing the value of his father’s life against the proposed prison terms.

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