Model Plans to Sue Manhattan Lounge After Brutal Robbery

A New York model, Adam Byrd, is preparing to file a lawsuit against Little Sister Lounge, a swanky Manhattan nightspot, following a violent robbery that left him with a broken jaw and missing teeth. Byrd, 33, alleges that the lounge’s security staff failed to intervene during the attack, despite being in close proximity. His attorney, Anthony C. Sears, has stated that they plan to sue both the security staff and Tao Group Hospitality, the owner of Little Sister Lounge, for negligence.

The incident occurred on March 16, shortly after Byrd and a friend exited the East Village lounge located on East 11th Street, near Fourth Avenue. According to Byrd, a group of men suddenly assaulted his friend, punching and robbing him of his Rolex watch. Byrd himself was then targeted, enduring a vicious beating that involved punches, kicks, and the use of a belt. The attackers also attempted to forcibly remove Byrd’s 22-inch Cuban white gold diamond necklace, but were unsuccessful.

Despite the assault taking place within close proximity to the lounge’s security personnel, Byrd claims that they did not intervene and even refused his pleas for assistance. Byrd suspects that the security staff may have been involved in the alleged plot against him. After the attackers fled, Byrd managed to flag down a police officer for help. He was subsequently taken to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery on his jaw and had wires inserted. Byrd’s recovery is expected to take at least six months.

Byrd has been informed by a detective that he was specifically targeted, leaving him feeling paranoid in the aftermath of the incident. Sears, representing Byrd, has described this case as one of the most egregious examples of negligent security he has encountered. He highlights the alarming reality of security guards failing to take any measures to protect club patrons.

Author: CrimeDoor

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