Missouri Teen Shoots Victim 14 Times, Conceals Body in Air Mattress

A quiet neighborhood in St. Peters, Missouri, was rocked by a shocking murder that unfolded in a seemingly ordinary home. The accused, 18-year-old Jackson Pierce, stands accused of a heinous crime that has left the community in disbelief.

It all began on a fateful Monday evening when Pierce, 23-year-old Dalton Coleman, and two others spent time together at the St. Peters house. Little did they know that this gathering would take a sinister turn, leading to a brutal altercation that would end in tragedy.

According to court documents, a witness who was present during the gathering eventually left the trio at the house. However, they received a distressing call from Pierce, claiming that Coleman was displaying erratic behavior and requesting unknown belongings. Concerned, the witness attempted to calm both men down and asked Pierce to move valuable items, including a firearm, from the kitchen to a bedroom.

Moments later, Pierce made another call to the witness, confessing to the unthinkable. He claimed that Coleman had forced his way into the bedroom and attempted to attack him. A struggle ensued, during which Pierce allegedly shot Coleman multiple times. Shockingly, Pierce revealed to the witness that he believed he had fired a total of 14 shots at his victim.

When the witness urged Pierce to contact the authorities, the teen callously declined. Filled with dread, the witness sought legal counsel and immediately contacted the St. Peters Police Department. Responding swiftly, a SWAT unit arrived at the scene and apprehended Pierce and an unnamed juvenile.

The investigation took a chilling turn when authorities utilized a drone to search the house. Inside an upstairs bedroom closet, they made a gruesome discovery. Coleman’s lifeless body was concealed within a tightly rolled-up air mattress, secured with an electrical cord and a white plastic garbage bag tightly wrapped around his head. The details of this macabre scene sent shockwaves through the community.

During his subsequent interview with the police, Pierce shockingly admitted to attempting to clean up the evidence of the shooting using towels and dish soap on the carpet. The initial autopsy results confirmed the brutality of the crime, revealing that Coleman had suffered approximately 15 gunshot wounds to his abdomen, hand, and face.

Jackson Pierce now faces charges of second-degree murder, armed criminal action, and tampering with physical evidence. He remains behind bars on a staggering $1 million cash-only bond. The unnamed juvenile is also in custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

As the community grapples with the horrifying reality of this senseless act, tributes pour in for Dalton Coleman, who had recently become a father. Friends and loved ones mourn the loss of a young life cut tragically short, demanding justice for the victim and his grieving family.

This shocking murder case has sent shockwaves through the quiet streets of St. Peters, Missouri, leaving residents questioning the safety of their own neighborhoods. As the investigation unfolds, the community anxiously awaits answers, hoping for closure in the face of this unimaginable tragedy.

Author: CrimeDoor

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