Missouri School Bus Driver Arrested and Fired for Allegedly Assaulting Seventh-Grader

Missouri School Bus Driver Arrested and Fired for Allegedly Assaulting Seventh-Grader

A shocking incident unfolded in Liberty, Missouri, as a school bus driver was arrested and subsequently fired for allegedly assaulting a seventh-grader. Scott Robert Livingston, 67, was charged with misdemeanor assault after video evidence emerged showing him punching and throttling the young student. The incident occurred last Thursday, leaving the victim with visible cuts and bruises on his face and neck.

According to court documents obtained by Fox 4 KC, Livingston attributed his actions to being “irritated” by the middle schooler’s alleged disrespectful behavior on the bus. He reportedly yelled at the boy, threatening to physically harm him, stating, “Sit down or I’m going to beat your ass.” Disturbingly, the video footage captured Livingston pinning the student to a seat and repeatedly striking and throttling him.

Initially, Livingston locked the bus doors and drove away when a school security officer ordered him off the vehicle. Later, during questioning by the police, the substitute driver claimed that he intended to scare the boy rather than cause harm. However, the victim, identified as Zachary Carrel, suffered cuts on his face and bruises on his neck, as reported by KCTV. Carrel’s mother, Nicole Danna, expressed her outrage, stating, “He was helpless, there was nothing he could do. He had a grown man on top of him, choking him and punching him repeatedly in the face. No child should have to go through that.”

The incident unfolded after school dismissal from Heritage Middle School when Carrel and his friends were joking around while boarding the bus. Livingston allegedly grew “irritated” by what he perceived as disrespectful behavior, leading to the confrontation. The court documents reveal that after the driver’s initial threat, the boy responded, “You can’t touch me.” Subsequently, Livingston marched to the back of the bus, which was still on school property, and forcefully grabbed Carrel. Despite the student’s pleas to release him, Livingston proceeded to put his hands around Carrel’s neck and began squeezing.

In a desperate attempt to defend himself, Carrel managed to push Livingston into a nearby seat. However, the driver quickly recovered and flipped the student upside down, repeatedly assaulting him. Fortunately, the young pupil held onto Livingston until a district security officer arrived. The driver then closed the bus doors and drove off with the children, only to be stopped by the police approximately a mile away after students called 911. When the doors opened, the traumatized students fled, crying and screaming.

Livingston has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor assault charges and has been released on bond. The Liberty School District promptly terminated his employment, emphasizing that the safety of their students is their top priority. Principal Reagan Allegri expressed regret over the incident in a letter to parents, assuring them that the affected students received support and check-ins to ensure their well-being.

Carrel’s family, deeply affected by the incident, revealed that their son is now reluctant to take the bus and is demanding more rigorous background checks for school bus drivers. Brad Carrel, the boy’s father, emphasized the importance of ensuring children’s safety during their daily commute, stating, “Every kid’s life is in their hands whenever they get on the bus, so just do more of a background check because you want to know who your kids are riding with. You want them to be safe, no matter what.”

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