Mississippi Police Officers Plead Guilty to Racist Attack and Cover-up

In a shocking case of police brutality and racism, six former white police officers from Rankin County, Mississippi, known as the “Goon Squad,” have pleaded guilty to raiding a home on false drug charges, torturing two Black men, and attempting to cover up the incident. This incident, which occurred in Braxton, Mississippi, has exposed a pattern of violence against Black men by these officers.

The raid occurred on January 24th after a white neighbor of one of the officers reported the presence of Black men in the home. Without a warrant, the deputies forcefully entered the residence and proceeded to handcuff, beat, and taser Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker. The two victims were also subjected to sexual abuse with a sex toy, accompanied by racial slurs. Jenkins endured a terrifying moment when one of the officers mockingly put a gun in his mouth, after which a shot was fired, severely injuring him.

The officers, who were operating under the name “Goon Squad” due to their propensity for using excessive force without reporting it, went to great lengths to cover up their actions. They planted drugs to justify the raid and stole surveillance video from the premises while conveniently having their body cameras turned off during the assault.

U.S. Attorney Darren LaMarca recently announced federal charges against the former officers for their heinous attack. It has also come to light that the deputies were linked to at least four other violent incidents against Black men since 2019, two of which resulted in fatalities.

Attorney Malik Shabazz, who represents Jenkins and Parker, has been instrumental in bringing this case to light. He has called out Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey, accusing the majority-white county of being infested with white supremacists who seek to enforce their discriminatory beliefs through state-sanctioned violence and torture. Shabazz and his clients are demanding justice and the resignation of Sheriff Bailey.


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