Missing Woman Found: 2023 Case Developments and Investigative Outcomes

Missing Woman Found: 2023 Case Developments and Investigative Outcomes

In 2023, law enforcement agencies have resolved several cases of missing women, each with its own story and investigative challenges. This report provides a factual summary of seven such cases, offering insight into the diligent work behind each investigation and the outcomes that have brought both closure and the start of new chapters in legal proceedings.

  • Margaret Mbitu – Massachusetts: Margaret “Maggie” Mbitu was found deceased in a vehicle at Logan Airport, Massachusetts. Her partner, Kevin Kangethe, is suspected of her murder and is believed to have fled to Kenya. State Police have issued an arrest warrant and are collaborating with Kenyan officials to locate Kangethe. Read more on CrimeDoor

  • Amanda Webster – Indiana: Amanda Webster, a teacher from Indiana, was reported missing in Puerto Rico. A body was discovered in a river during the search, though it was not immediately identified as Webster. An Ashanti Alert was activated to assist in the search. The circumstances of her disappearance and the discovery of the body are under investigation. Read more on CrimeDoor

  • Christi Romero – Arizona: Christi Romero’s body was found in the trunk of a car in California. Her estranged boyfriend, Richard Rodriguez, was charged with her murder following a nationwide search. Romero had previously expressed fear for her safety, and Rodriguez was apprehended after a family disturbance revealed Romero’s body in a vehicle’s trunk. Read more on CrimeDoor

  • Samantha Guinther – Michigan: Samantha Guinther was found dead in a storm drain in Eastpointe, Michigan. Her 26-year-old son has been charged with first-degree premeditated murder and related charges. The motive may be connected to Guinther’s concerns for her grandchildren’s safety. Read more on CrimeDoor

  • Cieara Berry – Wisconsin: Cieara Berry was found dead in Walworth County, Wisconsin. The suspect, Jerome Thames, took his life when police attempted to question him. The investigation revealed that Berry was killed in Milwaukee before her body was moved. Read more on CrimeDoor

  • Makayla Fay Meave – Oklahoma: Makayla Fay Meave’s body was discovered in a drainage ditch in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. Her husband, Frank Byers, has been arrested on a probable cause affidavit for first-degree murder, based on DNA evidence and items suggesting an attempt to clean the crime scene. Read more on CrimeDoor

  • Suzanne Morphew – Colorado: Suzanne Morphew, who went missing on Mother’s Day 2020, was found dead. Details of the discovery and the progress of the investigation have yet to be released. Read more on CrimeDoor

  • Heather Schwab – Texas: Heather Louise Schwab’s remains were found in her boyfriend Chad Stevens’ refrigerator in McKinney, Texas. Stevens faces charges for tampering with evidence related to Schwab’s death. Investigations revealed a history of abuse and threats by Stevens towards Schwab, leading to her death and the concealment of her body. Read more on CrimeDoor.

Each case represents a unique narrative in the broader context of missing persons investigations. As law enforcement agencies and families navigate the aftermath of these discoveries, the stories serve as reminders of the ongoing need to improve safety and investigative measures.

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