Missing Spring Teen Featured in New Season of Documentary Series

The popular documentary series “Never Seen Again” will showcase the case of Kristen Galvan, a Spring teenager who went missing over three years ago. Kristen, who was 15 years old at the time, disappeared from her home in January 2020. The first two episodes of the Paramount Plus series delve into the events surrounding Kristen’s disappearance after her mother and Houston police discovered she had been taken by a sex trafficker.

In 2019, Kristen’s family managed to locate her on Bissonnet Street and bring her back home. However, she vanished again a few days later. The documentary highlights the unfortunate reality that individuals often enter and exit the world of trafficking multiple times, with some experiencing this cycle up to seven times.

Rachel Fischer, a forensic nurse and trafficking survivor, shared her insights on the matter, stating that children are often either running towards something or away from something. She emphasized that the home environment is not always to blame for such situations. Fischer’s comments were made during an interview with CBS Mornings.

In late 2022, the FBI released an age-progressed image of Kristen, providing an idea of what she might look like today. Kristen’s mother, Robyn Cory, believes her daughter is once again being trafficked. Cory expressed her anguish and concern for Kristen’s well-being, stating that her daughter was not the same after her previous recovery.

Anyone with information regarding Kristen’s whereabouts is urged to contact the FBI Houston Field Office at 713-693-5000. Additionally, Kristen’s mother has established a Facebook group and YouTube channel in an effort to aid in her daughter’s safe return.


Author: CrimeDoor

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