Minneapolis Murder Suspect Recaptured After Accidental Jail Release

Minneapolis Murder Suspect Recaptured After Accidental Jail Release

Kevin Mason, a Minneapolis murder suspect who was mistakenly released from an Indianapolis jail, has been re-arrested. The U.S. Marshal Service, working in conjunction with local authorities, apprehended Mason on Wednesday in St. Paul, on the 900 block of Summit Avenue. The arrest operation concluded without any incidents or injuries.

Mason, 28, had been charged with second-degree murder relating to the fatal shooting of Dontevius Catchings in Minneapolis’s Shiloh Temple parking lot in June 2021. The incident took place during a visitation for another individual who had been killed in a separate shooting incident. Two months after the incident, a warrant for Mason’s arrest was issued in Hennepin County.

After evading authorities for over two years, Mason was initially arrested in Indianapolis on September 11. However, a clerical error by jail staff resulted in his inadvertent release two days later. Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal stated that after his release, Mason was collected by his girlfriend from near the jail premises.

Forestal expressed his gratitude to the U.S. Marshal Service for their collaboration in recapturing Mason and emphasized the importance of their task force partnerships with local agencies. Notably, Mason does not face any charges in Indianapolis.

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