Migrant Woman Charged with Assaulting Officer During Vehicle Sweep in Manhattan

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Image Credit: AP Photo/Kathy Willens

A migrant woman identified as Baibaia Rodriguez has been charged with resisting arrest, third-degree assault, and disorderly conduct following an incident in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The alleged altercation took place outside the Stratford Arms Hotel where police were conducting a vehicle sweep targeting unregistered mopeds, scooters, and bikes. According to authorities, Rodriguez assaulted an officer with an open hand during the sweep.

A video documenting the incident, which displays officers loading the unregistered vehicles onto a truck, has circulated on the community-based crime reporting app, Citizen. This operation was initiated in response to persistent neighborhood complaints. Rodriguez has been released on her own recognizance and is set to appear in court on October 19. It has been noted that the hotel has been accommodating around 400 adult migrants since mid-June.


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