Migrant Arrested for Drunkenly Fighting Cops at Randall’s Island Shelter, Sending Officer to Hospital

In a disturbing incident at the Randall’s Island migrant shelter, a migrant identified as Yakson Mendez, 30, was apprehended after engaging in a drunken altercation with police officers who were attempting to remove him from the facility. The incident occurred on Sunday, just before 11 p.m., at the shelter located at 600 East 125th St.

According to authorities, Mendez was heavily intoxicated and behaving disorderly within the premises. Security personnel made efforts to escort him out, but he adamantly refused to comply, escalating the situation into a belligerent confrontation. Faced with the escalating tension, the shelter staff requested assistance from the New York Police Department (NYPD).

However, Mendez continued to resist arrest, flailing his arms and making it difficult for the officers to restrain him. During the scuffle, the partner of the arresting officer sustained injuries, including bruises on his wrist and substantial pain in his right shoulder. He was subsequently taken to a local hospital for treatment.

This incident follows a tragic event that occurred a month ago at the same shelter. Moises Coronado, a Venezuelan citizen, stands accused of fatally stabbing Dafren Canizalez, another asylum seeker, during a dispute over Canizalez’s girlfriend. Prosecutors and police allege that the altercation began when Coronado made an inappropriate comment about Canizalez’s partner, leading to a physical altercation between the two men. Subsequently, Coronado, along with two other individuals at the shelter, pursued Canizalez with knives drawn, resulting in his untimely demise.

The Randall’s Island migrant shelter has been marred by these incidents, raising concerns about the safety and security of those seeking refuge within its walls. Authorities are now faced with the challenge of addressing these issues to ensure the well-being of the residents and prevent further violence.

As investigations continue into both incidents, it is crucial for authorities to implement measures that prioritize the safety of all individuals residing in the shelter. The incidents highlight the need for enhanced security protocols and support services to prevent such tragic events from occurring in the future.


Author: CrimeDoor

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