Midday Robbery at Americana at Brand Mall in Glendale Results in $300,000 Worth of Stolen Merchandise

A midday robbery occurred at the Americana at Brand mall in Glendale, California on Tuesday, resulting in an estimated $300,000 worth of stolen merchandise. The incident took place at the Yves Saint Laurent store within the mall. Authorities estimate that a group of 30-40 individuals were involved in the robbery. The thieves managed to escape in approximately 20 vehicles. Videos shared on social media showed individuals wearing hooded sweatshirts fleeing the store in broad daylight.

The Glendale Police Department is collaborating with the Americana at Brand mall to identify the suspects involved in the robbery, as stated in a news release by the city of Glendale. Glendale Mayor Dan Brotman expressed determination to uphold safety and unity, stating that such incidents would not define the city. Mall owner Rick Caruso is reportedly offering a reward of $50,000 for any information leading to the apprehension of the thieves who targeted Yves Saint Laurent.

This incident is one of several similar robberies that have occurred in the Los Angeles area recently, according to the police. The investigation into these robberies is ongoing.


Author: CrimeDoor

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