Michigan Man Charged for Threatening Violence Against Palestinians on Social Media

Michigan Man Charged for Threatening Violence Against Palestinians on Social Media

A Michigan man, Carl Mintz, has been charged with making a threat of terrorism and malicious use of a telecommunications device after posting a social media message that proposed violence against Palestinian-American residents of Dearborn, Michigan. The Dearborn Police Department (DPD) arrested Mintz at his home on October 12 following an anonymous tip. The post, which allegedly asked if anyone in the Detroit area wanted to “go to Dearborn & hunt Palestinians,” was discovered by the DPD. Mintz was arraigned on October 14 and is facing felony and misdemeanor charges.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to increased tensions globally. As the violence continues, incidents of hate crimes and threats have been reported. In Illinois, a landlord attacked his Muslim tenants, resulting in the death of a 6-year-old boy and injuries to his mother. In London, two Jewish schools closed due to a rise in antisemitic attacks. Law enforcement agencies are taking measures to address potential security threats during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In response to Mintz’s threat, the Dearborn Police Chief, Issa Shahin, stated that the DPD takes all threats seriously. The police have increased their presence at places of worship and schools in Dearborn. Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud condemned the alleged crime, emphasizing that threats of violence will not be tolerated in the city.

Mintz’s bond has been set at $500,000 cash, and he has been assigned a GPS tether device. As part of his bond agreement, he is prohibited from possessing weapons and using the internet. Mintz is scheduled to appear in court later this month.


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