Michigan Jury Convicts Man on Hate Crime and Assault Charges in 2022 Shooting Incident

Anthony Mangiapane, 56

A Macomb County jury in Michigan has convicted Anthony Mangiapane on charges related to a 2022 shooting, including one count of ethnic intimidation and two related offenses. Mangiapane, who yelled racial slurs before firing his rifle at a Black pedestrian, faces a maximum sentence of eight years in prison, with a mandatory minimum of two years.

The incident took place on July 25, 2022, near Mangiapane’s Warren, Michigan, shop. As the 37-year-old Black victim from St. Clair Shores was passing by, Mangiapane, 56, aimed his weapon and shouted a racial slur from his doorway. He then fired three shots at the man, who fortunately was not injured.

The victim promptly reported the shooting to 911 from a nearby location. During the call, the dispatcher could hear continuing gunfire in the background. Warren police responded within minutes, locating the victim and proceeding to the business where they encountered Mangiapane, who initially resisted before eventually surrendering.

Evidence collected at the scene by the police included rifle casings, which were later matched to Mangiapane’s rifle through forensic testing. The rifle, equipped with a green laser scope, was found on the property.

The three-day jury trial at the Macomb County Circuit Court in Mount Clemens presented various pieces of evidence, including a collection of weapons and Nazi memorabilia found on Mangiapane’s property. The arsenal included a German Luger pistol, shotguns, AR-15-style rifles with high-capacity magazines, and an M203 grenade shell.

Prosecutor Kumar Palepu, head of the Macomb Prosecutor’s Hate Crime Unit, led the case. His colleague, Peter Lucido, expressed gratitude to the jury for their decision: “Thank you to the Macomb County jury for holding this man accountable for his hate-driven, violent actions.”

In addition to the ethnic intimidation charge, Mangiapane was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and a felony firearm charge. He is currently held at the Macomb County Jail, awaiting sentencing scheduled for January 24, 2024. The case highlights the serious implications of hate-driven violence and the legal consequences that follow.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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