Mesquite Store Owner Thwarts Robbery Attempt with Swift Armed Response

In Mesquite, Texas, the proprietor of a local business successfully defended his establishment against an attempted armed robbery, marking the third such incident in five years. The owner, who goes by the first name Tien for security reasons, recounted the swift, instinctual actions that led to the foiling of the crime.

The confrontation occurred last Thursday at the Cash4Gold store located on Town East Boulevard. Surveillance footage captured the harrowing moment when two hooded individuals with concealed identities entered the store. One of the intruders brandished a firearm, prompting an immediate exchange of gunfire.

Tien, positioned at the back of the shop, perceived the event in what felt like slow motion, noting the assailants’ masks, hoods, and the emergence of the gun. He initiated the defense by firing at the would-be robbers, who returned fire thrice. Although the store’s interior sustained damage — a glass counter, walls, and Tien’s personal golf bag were struck by bullets — there were no physical injuries reported.

This was not the first instance of Tien resorting to his firearm to safeguard his business. A similar episode from July 2019 was also captured on video, showing him discharging a warning shot that successfully deterred another pair of armed robbers.

The latest incident has prompted Mesquite police to disseminate the surveillance footage, seeking assistance from the public in identifying the culprits. Lieutenant Brandon Ricketts of the Mesquite Police Department expressed hope that the images, especially of the individual without a mask, would lead to recognition and tips.

Tien remains determined to maintain his location, attributing his survival to a combination of luck, vigilance, and preparation. He has no plans to relocate his store, emphasizing these three elements as critical to his continued safety.

The Mesquite Police have affirmed that the suspects, once apprehended, will face charges of aggravated robbery.

Author: CrimeDoor

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