Mayor Eric Adams’ Lawyer Launches Aggressive Strategy to Dismiss Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Mayor Eric Adams’ high-profile lawyer, Alex Spiro, has adopted an aggressive strategy to dismiss the sexual assault lawsuit against the mayor before it potentially impacts his reelection campaign. Spiro, a partner at the Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan law firm, filed multiple court documents seeking to set a date for accuser Lorna Beach-Mathura’s deposition and demanding evidence to support her claims. Additionally, Spiro aims to have the case thrown out entirely.

Sources within Adams’ camp revealed that these legal maneuvers are intended to clear the mayor’s name before his opponents can exploit the allegations during the upcoming 2025 mayoral primary. While Adams vehemently denies any wrongdoing, political insiders suggest that the mere existence of the accusations could negatively impact his reelection campaign.

Democratic political consultant Ken Frydman stated that if Adams is innocent, he should challenge Beach-Mathura’s claims rather than settling. However, Frydman also emphasized the importance of listening to all accusers while not automatically believing every allegation.

Insiders acknowledge that the aggressive shift in strategy is a smart move but caution that Adams and his campaign must tread carefully to avoid alienating female voters while swiftly resolving the case. An attorney representing Beach-Mathura did not respond to requests for comment.

Spiro, known for representing high-profile clients such as Elon Musk and Jay-Z, was recently brought on as co-counsel by the city. Beach-Mathura initially filed a notice of claim in November, just before the deadline set by New York’s Adult Survivors Act. In mid-March, her attorney filed an amended complaint accusing Adams of using his influence to secure her a promotion in exchange for oral sex in the early 1990s. The suit alleges that Adams forced her to touch his erect penis and ejaculated on her after she resisted.

Adams and his legal team have consistently denied these allegations and vowed to fight them in court. However, insiders stress the need for the mayor to address the scandal promptly as he enters the primary season. While voters may have short memories, the allegations could become ammunition for Adams’ opponents.

Already facing a federal probe into his 2021 mayoral campaign and grappling with low poll numbers due to issues such as the migrant surge and crime, Adams is expected to face several Democratic challengers in the coming months. Former city Comptroller Scott Stringer, who experienced a similar situation under the Adult Survivors Act in 2021, is among those considering a run. Stringer eventually had the case dismissed and has since sued his accuser for defamation.

Political insiders warn that this narrative could potentially derail Adams’ campaign, citing Stringer’s experience as a cautionary tale. However, another operative cautions against being overly aggressive, emphasizing the importance of not alienating women voters. The mayor’s current public stance on the matter has already raised concerns among some voters.

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