Mayor Adams Urged to Address Rising Crime Rates by Increasing NYPD Patrol Force

In the aftermath of the tragic murder of Police Officer Jonathan Diller and another fatal subway shoving incident, Mayor Adams expressed his discontent with the prevailing narrative that New York City is spiraling out of control. However, the facts speak for themselves, and it is evident that the city is grappling with a surge in crime. To combat this alarming trend, it is imperative for Mayor Adams to take immediate action by bolstering the ranks of the NYPD’s patrol force.

The current strength of the NYPD is at its lowest in decades, with the number of officers dwindling from a peak of 40,285 in 2000 to under 34,000. This figure falls short of the budgeted headcount by approximately 1,000 officers. Consequently, police overtime spending has skyrocketed, leading to cop burnout. While Mayor Adams did reinstate a final FY 2024 NYPD academy class in his proposed spending plan, consisting of 600 recruits, it is unlikely to keep up with attrition resulting from early retirements.

Mayor Adams himself acknowledged the decline in all law enforcement ranks, including police officers, district attorneys, probation officers, and parole officers. He lamented the disintegration of the foundation of the city’s public safety apparatus, emphasizing the urgent need for action. It is time for Mayor Adams to translate his words into tangible steps that will provide New Yorkers with the level of public safety they rightfully expect and deserve.

To address this pressing issue, three crucial steps can be taken. Firstly, Mayor Adams should hold rallies in the districts of legislators who oppose necessary reforms to the state’s criminal justice system. Secondly, efforts should be made to facilitate easier involuntary commitment of individuals who pose a danger due to severe mental illness. Lastly, increased funding for long-term mental health beds is essential.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. I completely agree with Mayor Adams’ sentiment. It is unfortunate that isolated incidents like the murder of Police Officer Jonathan Diller and the subway shoving incident often lead to a negative perception of the entire city. However, it is important to remember that these incidents do not define the overall safety and security of New York City.

    In my own experience, I have witnessed a similar situation where a single incident overshadowed the positive aspects of a community. I live in a small town where a robbery took place at

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