May 4, 1932 – Lilly Lindeström

Police entering Lilly Lindeström’s apartment in the Atlas area of Stockholm, Sweden on May 4, 1932, found the 32-year-old prostitute dead on her bed. Lindeström was naked and lying face down. She’d been killed by blunt force trauma to her head. There was a condom sticking out of her anus and a blood-stained gravy ladle at the scene, which police theorized had been used to drink the blood from Lindeström’s body.

Authorities said they believed Lindeström was dead for two to three days before police found her. A neighbor reported seeing her days prior when she knocked on her door and asked for condoms. The same neighbor contacted the police to check on Lindeström. The perpetrator of the crime, which was soon a sensation throughout Sweden, became known as the “Atlas Vampire.” Rather than walking the streets, Lindeström worked out of her apartment. Her clients were investigated and nine men were questioned, but no one was ever charged. The crime remains unsolved.

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