Massive Human Trafficking Bust in Florida Leads to 228 Arrests, Including Members of US Military and a Teacher

In a groundbreaking operation named Operation March Sadness 2024, law enforcement authorities in Polk County, Florida, have successfully apprehended 228 individuals involved in a massive human trafficking ring. The operation, which involved multiple agencies, resulted in the arrest of 150 johns, 66 prostitutes, and 12 others. Shockingly, among the suspects were individuals from various professions, including a schoolteacher, coaches, and active-duty military personnel.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd revealed that out of the total arrests, 21 individuals were found to be in the country illegally. Additionally, at least 13 potential human trafficking victims were identified during the operation. Sheriff Judd emphasized that similar operations conducted within the past year had led to the identification of 58 human trafficking victims, highlighting the significance of such crackdowns.

One of the arrested suspects, claiming to be a volleyball coach from New York who tutored middle school students, was caught attempting to pay $150 for sexual services. Another individual taken into custody was a math and science teacher at New Beginnings High School in Auburndale. Sheriff Judd expressed his disbelief, stating, “He came to have sex. He called it a quick visit for $60. Well, since he’s able to teach math, he can figure out that it didn’t add up this time.”

The operation also resulted in the arrest of three men connected to the Air Force, including an Air Force staff sergeant, an airman police officer, and a 19-year-old scheduled to begin his Air Force training in May. Furthermore, a former detention deputy with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office was among those apprehended. Sheriff Judd expressed his disappointment, questioning the former deputy’s actions, “Dude, what are you doing? You went from being a stellar employee to committing moral crimes, and it’s two in a month. He said, ‘I got a problem.’ No kidding. You’ve got a big problem.”

In a shocking turn of events, two brothers aged 16 and 17 were arrested after arriving at the scene armed with a BB gun and wearing ski masks and hoodies. Their intention was to commit an armed robbery against a detective posing as a prostitute they had met online.

Sheriff Judd highlighted the significance of this operation, stating, “This is a new record number of arrests during an investigation of this kind.” He assured that social services organizations would provide assistance to the female victims, enabling them to break free from this harrowing way of life.

Author: CrimeDoor

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