Massive Brawl Erupts Outside Pike Outlets in Long Beach; Two Arrested

Massive Brawl Erupts Outside Pike Outlets in Long Beach; Two Arrested

A chaotic scene unfolded outside the Pike Outlets in Long Beach on Saturday, resulting in the arrest of two individuals following a massive brawl. The Long Beach Police Department had been alerted to a planned group gathering at The Pike, prompting an increased police presence and an early closure of the shopping complex.

Video footage captured by KTLA-TV revealed a disturbing sight of two girls engaged in a fistfight, surrounded by a crowd of numerous teenagers. Prompt police intervention led to the apprehension of the two girls involved in the altercation. Social media posts indicated that the gathering had been organized with the intention of orchestrating a “smash-and-grab” theft event, as reported by the Long Beach Post.

Approximately three hours later, law enforcement officers responded to a shooting incident near East 1st Street and the Promenade, in close proximity to the earlier brawl. A 16-year-old male sustained a gunshot wound to the leg, but fortunately, his injuries were determined to be non-life-threatening. He was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The motive behind the shooting and its potential connection to the earlier brawl remain unclear, according to a spokesperson from the Long Beach Police Department.

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