Masked Individuals Attack Students at Auburn Riverside High School in Washington

Masked Individuals Attack Students at Auburn Riverside High School in Washington

Auburn Riverside High School in Auburn, Washington, was the site of an attack on Monday when six masked individuals entered the school and assaulted five students. The incident occurred after a student opened a side door and allowed the group to enter the premises. The masked individuals proceeded to randomly hit students as they ran down the school hallway. School administrators intervened, causing the attackers to flee.

In response to the assault, Auburn Riverside High School implemented a “secure and teach” lockdown for the remainder of the day. Exterior and interior doors were secured, and students were not allowed to move between classes. Auburn Police provided security until 2 p.m. The school district promptly informed parents of the incident via email, assuring them that all five students were expected to recover, although the extent of their injuries was not disclosed.

Superintendent Alan Spicciati believes the attack is connected to previous fights that occurred on Friday. He stated that preliminary findings suggest the fights are linked to “conflicts in the community,” specifically gang activity. Spicciati emphasized the school’s zero-tolerance policy towards gangs, expressing concern over their presence within the educational environment.

The school had previously alerted parents about the Friday fights, which resulted in the removal of four students from campus. Later in the day, some of these students returned with non-students, leading to another altercation in the student parking lot. During this incident, a BB gun was confiscated.

Auburn Police are currently reviewing video footage to identify the six individuals involved in Monday’s attack. They are also considering disciplinary action against the 13 students connected to the Friday incidents. The investigation into these incidents remains ongoing.


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