Marilyn Manson Ordered to Pay Evan Rachel Wood $326,956 in Legal Expenses Amid Ongoing Lawsuit

In a recent development in the ongoing legal battle between Marilyn Manson, also known as Brian Warner, and actress Evan Rachel Wood, the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Teresa A. Beaudet has ordered Manson to pay Wood a substantial sum of $326,956 to cover her legal expenses. This decision comes after Wood successfully defended herself against defamation and emotional distress claims that were previously dismissed from Manson’s lawsuit.

Judge Beaudet reduced Wood’s requested reimbursement of nearly $388,000, citing some billed hours as being too vague. While Manson’s underlying lawsuit accuses Wood and her friend Illma Gore of conspiring to damage his reputation, the judge’s prior dismissal only pertained to certain claims. Wood and Gore still face allegations related to computer hacking, internet impersonation, and a “swatting” incident. The trial for these remaining claims is scheduled for May 1.

The lawsuit, which originated in March 2022, alleges a coordinated effort to portray Manson as a rapist and abuser, resulting in significant damage to his career in the music, TV, and film industries. Despite the dismissal of certain elements, the legal battle continues to unfold, with Wood vehemently denying the claims and asserting that Manson’s lawsuit is an attempt to silence her.

Manson, 55, has consistently denied the allegations made by Wood and other women, having reached private settlements with some of his accusers. As the trial date approaches, the complexities of this legal saga persist, leaving both parties and their supporters eagerly awaiting the outcome.



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