Maple Grove Police Request Consideration of Manslaughter Charges in 14-Year-Old Cold Case

Maple Grove Police Request Consideration of Manslaughter Charges in 14-Year-Old Cold Case

Maple Grove police have asked Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty to review the possibility of filing manslaughter charges against two men suspected of killing their friend and high school classmate, Robbie Anderson, nearly 14 years ago. Anderson’s death in 2009 was initially listed as “sudden unexplained” by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner. However, his mother, Sandra Cikotte Anderson, hired Dr. Allecia M. Wilson, a pathologist involved in the independent autopsy of George Floyd, to conduct a new examination. In November, Anderson’s body was exhumed, and Wilson concluded that he died from blunt force trauma.

The results of Wilson’s autopsy were shared with Moriarty’s office by the police this month, prompting a request for the case to be reviewed for potential charges. The two men suspected in Anderson’s death, who were the only others present at the time, have not been arrested. The case remains open and active, according to Maple Grove Police Captain Jon Wetternach.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s office stated that the original inconclusive conclusion by the medical examiner has been a significant obstacle in proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt. However, with the new evidence from Wilson’s autopsy, the office will conduct a fresh review of the case, involving multiple senior attorneys. The review process is expected to take approximately 30 days.

On the night of his death, Anderson had gone to a friend’s house to play video games and watch movies. An altercation in the basement turned physical, resulting in Anderson allegedly being hit multiple times on the head by one of his longtime friends. Detectives believed Anderson fell and hit his head on the concrete floor. When police arrived at the scene after a 911 call, Anderson was found unresponsive with two black eyes and facial bruising. Despite resuscitation efforts, he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The case had remained unsolved for over a decade until Cikotte Anderson reached out to Sheila Potocnik, a cold-case consultant who helped solve another case involving her nephew. Potocnik reviewed Anderson’s case files, conducted interviews, and connected Cikotte Anderson with Wilson and another pathologist who also determined Anderson’s death to be a homicide.


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