Manhunt Intensifies for Escaped Convict Danelo Cavalcante: Schools Closed, Search Area Expanded

The pursuit of Danelo Cavalcante, an escaped convict, has intensified as Pennsylvania police expand the search area, following his recent sighting outside the previously demarcated perimeter. Cavalcante, who was convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Deborah Brando in 2021, escaped from Chester County Prison last Thursday.

The search, initially concentrated within a 2-mile radius of the prison, situated about 30 miles west of Philadelphia, has now moved south, particularly focusing on the vicinity of Longwood Gardens. The popular tourist attraction, encompassing over 200 acres of gardens and meadows, remained closed on Tuesday to facilitate the police operation.

According to Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police, surveillance footage captured Cavalcante, now carrying a backpack and a hooded sweatshirt, at Longwood Gardens on Monday evening. The authorities have adapted their strategy based on this new development, discarding the northern section of the initial search perimeter and moving resources south of Route 1.

In response to the widened manhunt, Kennett Consolidated and Unionville-Chadds Ford School Districts, situated 9 and 5 miles from the prison respectively, announced closures on Tuesday as a precautionary measure.

Apart from his recent conviction, Cavalcante is wanted for a 2017 homicide case in Brazil. Authorities are also investigating the possibility of inside assistance in his escape. Cavalcante was sentenced to life without parole and his latest whereabouts prompt an urgent and evolving operation to ensure public safety and justice.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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