Man Wanted for Stealing $6,300 Worth of Circuit Breakers from Bensalem Home Depot

BENSALEM, Pennsylvania – Bensalem Police Department is currently on the lookout for a man who allegedly stole approximately $6,300 worth of circuit breakers from a local Home Depot store. The incident occurred on January 28 at the Home Depot located on Bristol Pike. Authorities have revealed that the suspect entered the store and proceeded to load the stolen circuit breakers into a large suitcase before calmly exiting the premises.

According to investigators, the suspect made his escape in a white SUV. It has been reported that this individual is wanted in connection with multiple thefts in the area. Bensalem Police Department is urging anyone who may recognize the man to come forward and provide them with any relevant information.

The stolen circuit breakers, valued at $6,300, were taken from the Home Depot store in Bensalem. The suspect’s method of operation involved loading the stolen items into a large suitcase before leaving the store undetected. The incident has raised concerns among local authorities, as the suspect is believed to be involved in other thefts within the vicinity.

Bensalem Police Department is actively investigating the case and seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect. Anyone with information regarding the incident or the whereabouts of the individual is urged to contact the authorities immediately.

Author: CrimeDoor

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