Man Survives Car Crash, Alleges Excessive Police Force: Tased Four Times

A 20-year-old firefighter cadet, Jordan Rivero, who recently survived a severe car accident, is claiming that his injuries were exacerbated when he was tased by the police. The incident occurred in the Florida Keys in July 2022 when Rivero was returning from a fishing trip with friends. According to reports, the driver of the car fell asleep at the wheel, resulting in a collision with a concrete pole.

When police arrived at the scene, they attempted to ascertain what had transpired. Rivero, in a disoriented and shocked state, was questioned briefly, but his condition made it challenging to comply with their requests to sit down. Rivero repeatedly stood up and sought clarity from the officers.

At some point during this interaction, the police officers decided to use a taser on Rivero, subjecting him to four electric shocks. As a result, Rivero’s head struck the concrete, and he was held face-down in a pool of his own blood. The lawsuit filed by Rivero alleges that these repeated taser shocks led to him suffering a grand mal seizure.

Even after being tased, Rivero’s behavior remained unusual. While on the ground, he made unrelated comments like “I don’t wanna fish anymore.” When the police questioned his friend about Rivero’s behavior, the friend had to remind them that they were all in a state of shock due to the traumatic incident.

Despite the ordeal, Rivero is said to be recovering, but the lawsuit highlights that his injuries have left him incapable of completing the necessary tests to pursue his lifelong goal of becoming a firefighter, following in the footsteps of his father.

Jordan Rivero has initiated legal action against the sheriff’s office in response to the incident. His lawsuit seeks accountability for the alleged excessive use of force.

Chris Morris
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