Man Convicted of Human Trafficking Faces Federal Gun Possession Charges

Oakland resident Adesola Kehinde, a 37-year-old man with two prior convictions for human trafficking, finds himself back in jail. This time, he is facing federal gun possession charges, which carry a maximum prison term of 15 years. Kehinde was arrested last month for allegedly violating his probation and sex offender conditions by having a 17-year-old girl in his vehicle. However, the discovery of a gun in his glove compartment has added another layer of legal trouble for him.

Kehinde was already facing a probation violation, but this new case ensures that he will likely remain in custody for several months. U.S. Magistrate Judge Kandis Westmore, in her handwritten notes, described Kehinde as a registered sex offender “who has repeatedly engaged in conduct to subject minors to pimping/prostitution.” On Friday, Judge Westmore granted a prosecution motion to detain him while the case is pending.

The arrest in January was the result of a joint investigation by authorities in Sacramento County and Alameda. Kehinde was suspected of trafficking a teenager, and police tracked the girl to his apartment on Buena Vista Avenue in Alameda. Upon his arrest, law enforcement officers searched his blue Tesla and discovered the firearm in question. At present, Kehinde has only been charged with possession of the firearm as a felon and not with human trafficking.

Prosecutors, in their motion to detain Kehinde, provided details of his two prior sex trafficking convictions, as well as a pending case in Solano County resulting from an undercover operation. They also highlighted Kehinde’s alleged attempts to evade prosecution, including an incident where he tried to change his voice to sound like a woman to deceive a police investigator. In the Solano County case, Kehinde demanded $5,000 from an undercover officer posing as a sex worker to become her pimp. When police closed in on him at a Vacaville hotel, he fled the scene, causing an accident and injuring another driver. A loaded Glock pistol was found where Kehinde exited his vehicle.

Kehinde’s first human trafficking conviction occurred in San Francisco in 2015, followed by another conviction in Alameda County in 2022. The latter case stemmed from an incident in 2021 when a girl he was trafficking managed to secretly text a social worker for help. She revealed that she had been held against her will for two weeks, trafficked to various hotels in Oakland from an apartment in Alameda, and sexually abused by 140 individuals.

Author: CrimeDoor

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