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Man Convicted of Aggravated Kidnapping in Attack on Nancy Pelosi’s Husband

A San Francisco jury has convicted David DePape of aggravated kidnapping in the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. DePape was also found guilty of first-degree burglary, false imprisonment of an elder, threatening a family member of a public official, and dissuading a witness.

The verdict comes weeks after DePape was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for the same attack. In response to the conviction, Nancy Pelosi’s office expressed admiration for Paul Pelosi’s bravery during the trial and his ongoing recovery.

DePape’s public defender, Adam Lipson, expressed disappointment with the verdict and plans to appeal, calling the kidnapping charge “vindictive.” Lipson argued that the state trial constituted double jeopardy, as it stemmed from the same act as the federal conviction. However, the state charges of attempted murder, elder abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon were dismissed by San Francisco Superior Court Judge Harry Dorfman.

Lipson further stated that after serving his federal sentence, DePape would be transferred to a California prison to spend the rest of his life there.

During the trial, Lipson argued that the prosecution failed to prove that DePape kidnapped Paul Pelosi with the intent to obtain money or something valuable, a crucial element of the charge. Assistant District Attorney Phoebe Maffei countered by stating that DePape had planned to record a video of his interrogation of Nancy Pelosi, which he believed would have inherent value.

The attack on Paul Pelosi, captured on police body camera video just days before the 2022 midterm elections, shocked the political world. Paul Pelosi suffered severe injuries, including two head wounds and damage to his right arm and hand.

DePape admitted during his federal trial testimony that he intended to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage, record his interrogation of her, and inflict harm if she did not confess to what he believed were lies about “Russiagate.”

Lipson argued that DePape had been influenced by extreme beliefs and conspiracy theories after being exposed to them by Gypsy Taub, his former partner and mother of his children. Taub, a well-known activist in the Bay Area, was expelled from the courtroom for attempting to tamper with the jury by distributing cards with the address of her conspiracy theory-promoting website.

In a letter to the federal judge, DePape’s twin sister, Joanne Robinson, described Taub as isolating DePape from his family and causing him “extreme psychological damage.”

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  • It's important to note that the information provided in the comment is not accurate. As of my knowledge, there is no record of David DePape being convicted of aggravated kidnapping in an attack on Paul Pelosi. It's crucial to verify information before sharing it to ensure accuracy and avoid spreading false information.

  • It is unfortunate to hear about such incidents, but it also highlights the need for improved security measures for public figures and their families. One unique solution could be the implementation of advanced technology, such as biometric identification systems, in order to enhance security protocols.

    By utilizing biometric identification, individuals like Paul Pelosi could have access to secure areas that are only accessible to authorized personnel. This could include fingerprint or iris scanning, which would ensure that only approved individuals can enter certain spaces.

    Additionally, it would be

  • "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin

    This quote resonates with the post because it highlights the importance of empathy and solidarity in seeking justice. In this case, David DePape was convicted of aggravated kidnapping, a serious crime that caused harm to Paul Pelosi. The quote reminds us that justice should not only be pursued by the directly affected individuals but also by society as a whole. It emphasizes the need for everyone to be equally

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