Man Assaulted and Carjacked in Palo Alto

Man Assaulted and Carjacked in Palo Alto

A man in his 50s was brutally assaulted and carjacked in Palo Alto on Saturday morning. The victim, who works as a custodian, had left his vehicle idling near a Dumpster on the 700 block of Page Mill Road at approximately 5:51 a.m. He had stepped out to empty garbage bags when he noticed a light brown sedan parked nearby, with a woman inside.

According to the Palo Alto police, as the victim was returning to his car, he heard a male voice and suddenly felt a forceful blow to his shoulder from behind, rendering him unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he discovered that his car, a blue 2019 Toyota 4Runner, was missing, along with the brown sedan. Authorities suspect that the male assailant and the woman may have been working together in this crime.

Later that morning, police located the stolen vehicle in Oakland, approximately 40 miles away from Palo Alto, near Jack London Square. The car was found engulfed in flames and unoccupied. Detectives are currently investigating the incident, and no similar cases have been reported in the Palo Alto area recently.

Author: CrimeDoor

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