Man Arrested on NYC Subway with Blood-Like Substance on Machete

A man was apprehended by vigilant NYPD transit cops after displaying erratic behavior on a subway platform in New York City. The incident occurred on Friday at approximately 11:30 a.m. during a routine station inspection on the C and E lines at 50th Street and 8th Avenue. Police sources revealed that the man, identified as Justin Wojno, was observed acting disorderly on the southbound mezzanine platform.

What caught the attention of the officers was the presence of a large machete strapped to Wojno’s back, which appeared to be covered in a red liquid resembling blood. Reacting swiftly, the transit cops apprehended Wojno without any resistance. He was subsequently charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported in connection with the incident. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the red substance on the machete was, in fact, syrup, dispelling initial concerns of a violent crime. However, the discovery of the weapon and Wojno’s erratic behavior raised concerns among law enforcement officials.

Wojno, 43, has a history of run-ins with the law, with prior arrests dating back to 1999. These include charges related to domestic violence assault and burglary. The NYPD sources did not provide additional details regarding the previous cases.

The incident serves as a reminder of the constant vigilance required by law enforcement officers to ensure public safety in the city’s transit system. The swift response by the NYPD transit cops prevented any potential harm to commuters and highlights the importance of their ongoing efforts to maintain order and security.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This incident highlights the importance of having vigilant law enforcement officers in public spaces, such as subway platforms. Their presence and quick response can help ensure the safety of commuters and prevent potential threats. It also emphasizes the need for individuals to be observant and report any suspicious or erratic behavior they witness to authorities. By working together, we can help maintain a secure environment in public spaces and protect the well-being of everyone.

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