Man Arrested on Multiple Charges After Fatally Striking a Pedestrian Checking Tires on the Side of the Road

Man Arrested on Multiple Charges After Fatally Striking a Pedestrian Checking Tires on the Side of the Road

A 43-year-old man, Shelby Kenneth Secrist, has been arrested in Tooele County, Utah, after allegedly hitting and killing a pedestrian who was checking his tires on the side of the road. The incident occurred on October 21 near mile marker 55 on I-80 East.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, Secrist is facing multiple charges, including negligently operating a vehicle resulting in death (second-degree felony), driving under the influence (class-B misdemeanor), possession of controlled substance marijuana/spice (class-B misdemeanor), use or possession of drug paraphernalia (class-B misdemeanor), unlawful sell, ship, transport of liquor from out-of-state (class-B misdemeanor), open container/drinking alcohol in a vehicle (class-C misdemeanor), and failure to stay in one lane (infraction).

Upon arriving at the scene, a UHP trooper found a black sedan partially blocking the second lane and the emergency lane. The trooper also observed a large van with a trailer attached, which had sustained damage from the crash, parked in the emergency lane. The deceased individual was found covered up in the #2 lane.

Witnesses directed the trooper to Secrist, who was walking around at the scene. Secrist admitted to striking the man who was now deceased. The passenger of the van, who was the father of the deceased individual, stated that his son had been thrown a short distance away from the vehicle.

During interaction with Secrist, the trooper noticed signs of impairment, including bloodshot and glassy eyes, constricted pupils, and sluggish speech and demeanor. Field sobriety tests indicated that Secrist was intoxicated.

Subsequently, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were found on Secrist’s person. Further search of the vehicle led to the discovery of additional drugs, paraphernalia, a flask of alcohol, and multiple 1.75-liter bottles of alcohol. The affidavit also revealed that Secrist had previous DUI and possession charges in another state.

After being medically cleared, Secrist was booked into the Tooele County Jail on the aforementioned charges. No additional information is currently available regarding the incident.


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