Man Arrested in Spain for Repeatedly Faking Heart Attacks to Avoid Paying Restaurant Bills

Man Arrested in Spain for Repeatedly Faking Heart Attacks to Avoid Paying Restaurant Bills

A 50-year-old Lithuanian man living in Alicante, Spain, has been arrested for repeatedly faking heart attacks at upscale restaurants in order to avoid paying his bills, according to local authorities. The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, was apprehended last month after attempting to leave a restaurant without settling his bill by feigning illness. This incident marked the 20th time within a year that he had employed this tactic. The man had become well-known to the local police force due to his repeated offenses.

During his most recent attempt, the man ordered two whiskeys and seafood paella at El Buen Corner. When presented with a bill of 34.85 euros ($36.75), he claimed he needed to retrieve cash from his hotel room. However, restaurant staff refused to let him leave without paying. In response, the man dramatically threw himself to the ground, pretending to have a heart attack. The restaurant staff saw through his ruse and promptly contacted the police, who recognized the repeat offender.

The spokesperson for Alicante National Police confirmed that the man had been arrested multiple times in the city and that his modus operandi remained consistent. After refusing to provide an address, the man was taken into custody, and the case was handed over to the local judiciary. The length of his potential prison sentence or his current status is unknown.

According to an officer who had previously arrested the man on four occasions, he often ordered expensive items such as lobster, entrecote, and premium whiskeys. The officer noted that the man appeared unfazed about spending a night or two behind bars.

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