Man Arrested for Stealing $900 Worth of LEGO Sets in Vallejo

Vallejo police apprehended a man on Friday for allegedly pilfering LEGO sets valued at approximately $900. The incident occurred at the 700 block of Admiral Callaghan Lane in Vallejo, Solano County, California. According to reports received by officers, an adult male had absconded with LEGO sets from a local store and fled the scene in a Hyundai Sonata.

Responding swiftly, a patrol unit spotted the Sonata heading westbound on Redwood Street near Fairgrounds Drive. Officers initiated a traffic stop, but the driver refused to comply, leading to an 11-mile pursuit. During the chase, a male passenger leaped out of the moving vehicle, estimated to be traveling at around 50 mph. Despite this, officers continued their pursuit until the driver lost control and collided with a retaining wall on Mississippi Street near Sacramento Street.

The driver was subsequently arrested and transported to the hospital for medical clearance before being taken into custody. A records check revealed that he had two outstanding felony warrants, one for grand theft and another for a traffic-related offense. Meanwhile, officers conducted a search in the vicinity where the passenger had jumped out and were alerted by a resident about an unknown male hiding in their backyard trashcan.

Entering the rear of the residence, officers discovered the injured thief. In a news release issued by the Vallejo Police Department, it was disclosed that the thief confessed to stealing and selling LEGO sets as a means of generating income. Due to the injuries sustained from his daring escape, the suspect was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. Further records check revealed that he was on parole for possessing a stolen vehicle.

Vallejo police have successfully resolved this case, apprehending both the driver and the passenger involved in the LEGO theft. The stolen merchandise will be returned to the store, and the suspects will face charges related to the burglary. The Vallejo Police Department commends the cooperation of the community in assisting with the arrest and urges residents to remain vigilant in reporting any suspicious activities.

Author: CrimeDoor

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