Man Arrested for Hit-and-Run Incident at Palestine Protest

Salt Lake City resident Marcus Bryant Lee, 29, was apprehended by authorities after allegedly striking a protester in a crosswalk and fleeing the scene during a Palestine solidarity demonstration on Tuesday evening. Lee, who has been charged with failing to remain at an accident involving an injury, admitted to police that he had “felt something” but chose to drive away to avoid stopping at the protest.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the protest was organized to express support for Palestine in light of recent events in Rafah. Witnesses reported that the demonstrators had gathered in the middle of the intersection, and although the traffic light was green, most vehicles were yielding to the crowd. The victim, who suffered a broken foot with two fractures, promptly contacted the authorities after arriving at the hospital.

Lee managed to elude immediate identification but was later tracked down by law enforcement after a witness provided them with his license plate number. Video evidence from the scene revealed that Lee’s vehicle accelerated through the intersection, striking the pedestrian. Initial reports from the Salt Lake City Police Department indicated no additional injuries or property damage resulting from the protest.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. I am deeply concerned about the incident involving Marcus Bryant Lee and the protester in Salt Lake City. It is disheartening to see acts of violence during peaceful demonstrations. I would like to know the author’s thoughts on the importance of peaceful protests and how incidents like these impact the overall message and goals of such movements.

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