Man Arrested for BART Fare Machine Burglary in Pittsburg

Man Arrested for BART Fare Machine Burglary in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG — A 36-year-old Antioch man was apprehended by authorities in late February for his alleged involvement in a burglary at the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station. The suspect, identified through fingerprints and his association with the vehicle used in the crime, was taken into custody on charges of burglary, vandalism, and unrelated burglary offenses.

The incident occurred on December 22, 2023, around 12:40 a.m., when two individuals, a man and a woman, attempted to break into a BART fare machine. Their initial efforts on December 21, involving drilling into the machine, proved unsuccessful. However, undeterred, they returned the following day armed with a sledgehammer and successfully gained access to the money box, according to the police.

Law enforcement officials were able to identify the 36-year-old Antioch man as one of the suspects involved in the burglary. His arrest was made possible through the discovery of his fingerprints at the crime scene and his subsequent connection to the vehicle used during the incident.

The Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station, located in Pittsburg, Contra Costa County, California, was the site of this criminal act. BART authorities have been working closely with law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of their facilities.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Great article! I’m curious to know the author’s thoughts on the overall security measures at BART stations. Do you think incidents like this burglary highlight any weaknesses in the system? And what steps do you think should be taken to improve security and prevent such incidents in the future?

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