Man Arrested for Allegedly Strangling His Mother Faces 23 Charges

Isaac Rivera, a 24-year-old man, was held without bail on Monday after being arrested for allegedly strangling his mother and fleeing from police multiple times. According to documents filed in Marlborough District Court, Rivera faces 23 charges, including multiple counts of strangulation, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery of a police officer, escape from a police officer, possession of a firearm, and drug possession.

The incident occurred on Saturday when police received a complaint from a neighbor about screaming and objects being thrown inside an apartment complex in Marlborough. Upon arrival, an officer found Rivera on top of his mother, with his hands around her neck. Despite police demands to stop, Rivera allegedly resisted and attempted to hit the officer. The officer managed to force Rivera off his mother, but Rivera continued to resist arrest and threw furniture at the officer.

Rivera was eventually tased but still managed to escape from the apartment. He was chased by the officer and other law enforcement personnel in the complex, where he continued to resist arrest by grabbing a chair and asking police to shoot him. Rivera was eventually detained with the assistance of additional officers.

During the arrest, Rivera allegedly spit at paramedics, kicked them, and damaged the ambulance cabinets. He later escaped from police again at the hospital while receiving X-rays and was found the next day in Milford.

Rivera’s mother stated that the altercation stemmed from issues her son had with her boyfriend, who was present at the apartment prior to the alleged assault. She reported being choked multiple times but did not lose consciousness. She also claimed that her son punched her in the head and threw objects at her when she tried to call 911.

Police discovered a gun in the couch where the strangling occurred, which Rivera’s mother said belonged to her son. Rivera denied ownership of the gun. Authorities also found drugs, including a substance resembling cocaine and unprescribed Xanax, among Rivera’s belongings.

Rivera’s attorney argued that his client has mental health issues and contested some of the charges. A dangerousness hearing is scheduled for Friday.

Author: CrimeDoor

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