Man Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault of Journalist During Live Broadcast in Madrid

A man has been arrested in Madrid, Spain, for allegedly sexually assaulting a journalist during a live broadcast. The incident occurred when Isa Balado, a reporter for channel Cuatro, was reporting on a robbery. The man approached her from behind, touched her rear, and asked which television channel she worked for. Balado attempted to continue with her report, but the host, Nacho Abad, insisted that she put the man in front of the camera.

Balado confronted the man, expressing her frustration at his actions. As he walked away, he tried to touch her head, but she managed to avoid it. The man lingered in the street and approached Balado again, telling her to “tell the truth” after hearing her accusations. Balado requested the broadcast to be cut to avoid giving the man further attention.

Police confirmed the arrest of a man for sexually assaulting a reporter live on air. Mediaset Espana, the owner of Cuatro, expressed their strong condemnation of any form of harassment or aggression and offered their full support to Balado. Government ministers, including Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz and Equality Minister Irene Montero, voiced their outrage and support for Balado, denouncing the incident as an example of machismo and sexual violence.

The incident comes at a time when Spain is grappling with a broader debate on sexism, sparked by a scandal involving Luis Rubiales, the president of Spain’s football federation, who kissed World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso on the lips. The incident has ignited a “Me Too” moment in the country, reflecting a growing intolerance towards macho attitudes and sexual misconduct.


Author: CrimeDoor

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