Major Australian Crime Syndicate Dismantled in Widespread Police Operation

Major Australian Crime Syndicate Dismantled in Widespread Police Operation

In a landmark operation, Australian authorities have significantly disrupted one of the country’s most formidable organized crime networks, culminating in the arrest of 28 individuals. The year-long investigation, known as Strike Force Tromperie, was spearheaded by the NSW Police’s State Crime Command with support from the Australian Border Force.

Targeting an underworld network originating from Lebanon, the syndicate is accused of orchestrating over $1 billion in illicit activities, including arms trafficking, drug distribution, tobacco smuggling, and money laundering. This week’s coordinated raids across 37 Sydney properties led to the apprehension of key figures within the organization.

Bilal Haouchar, identified as one of NSW’s most wanted, is believed to have been arrested in Lebanon. Haouchar, who fled Sydney in 2018, is sought for kidnapping and drug-related offenses. NSW Police Deputy Commissioner David Hudson confirmed they are awaiting official confirmation of Haouchar’s arrest.

Nedal Haouchar, Bilal’s brother, was detained at Sydney Airport and faces nine charges, including directing criminal group activities and multiple counts of drug supply and dealing with over $4.4 million in crime proceeds.

The operation involved more than 450 officers and resulted in the seizure of two tonnes of drugs and drug precursors, 25 firearms, 60 encrypted devices, substantial cash, designer jewelry, and luxury vehicles. The suburbs of Chipping Norton, Greenacre, Georges Hall, Roselands, San Souci, and Granville were among the locations targeted.

Deputy Commissioner Hudson and Assistant Commissioner Michael FitzGerald expressed that the syndicate, which has plagued Sydney for a decade, has been substantially weakened or even eliminated. Detective Superintendent Peter Faux, who led Strike Force Tromperie, highlighted the utilization of “covert strategies” and extensive resources to infiltrate and dismantle the crime network.

The ongoing investigation continues to unravel this extensive criminal enterprise, with further charges anticipated. This operation marks a significant victory for law enforcement in their efforts to combat organized crime in Australia.

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