Maine Woman Arrested in Connection to Double Murder of Boyfriend and Grandmother

A Maine woman, Tzara Jones, 53, has been arrested on two counts of murder in connection to the deaths of her boyfriend and grandmother, according to Maine State Police. The victims have been identified as Aremean Mayo, 93, and Michael Willett, 69.

Police discovered the deceased bodies of Mayo and Willett inside Jones’ home during a welfare check. Jones had been entrusted with the care of both individuals. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Jones had expressed her frustration with taking care of her partner and grandmother to her father and sister.

During the welfare check, Jones initially informed officers that Willett was out hunting. However, it was later discovered that Willett was a wheelchair user and would not have been able to go hunting. Rick Young, a neighbor, stated that Willett had suffered a stroke two years ago and had been using a wheelchair since.

Jones was uncooperative with responding officers and refused to allow them to search the home. She even verbally insulted one officer. Eventually, police found the bodies of Mayo and Willett inside the residence. Both victims had multiple stab wounds in the chest, and a butcher-style knife was recovered near Mayo’s body.

According to court documents, Mayo’s body had sustained stab wounds both before and after her death, more than 24 hours prior to its discovery. Jones’ sister also informed the police that she suspected her sibling of killing their grandmother for inheritance.

The investigation into the double murder is ongoing, and Tzara Jones remains in custody.


Author: CrimeDoor

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