Louvre Museum and Versailles Palace Evacuated After Bomb Threats

Louvre Museum and Versailles Palace Evacuated After Bomb Threats

The renowned Louvre Museum in Paris and the Versailles Palace were evacuated on Saturday following bomb threats. This evacuation comes in the wake of increased security concerns in France, following a fatal school attack by an individual believed to be an extremist.

While no injuries were reported at the Louvre, Paris police undertook a comprehensive search of the museum after receiving the threat in written form. Similarly, the Versailles Palace received threats, leading to the evacuation of both the palace and its expansive gardens for police inspection.

Visitors at the Louvre were quickly ushered out when alarms echoed through the museum, including the shopping center beneath its iconic pyramid. As police secured the vicinity, bystanders and tourists were seen departing, with some capturing the moment on their devices.

Following Friday’s school incident, where a radicalized former student allegedly killed a teacher and injured three others, the French government escalated its threat alert level. This heightened security measure involves the deployment of 7,000 troops. There are also prevailing concerns about potential repercussions in France due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The Louvre, housing significant artworks like the Mona Lisa, typically sees a footfall of 30,000 to 40,000 visitors daily.

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