Louisiana ‘Viking Queen’ and Her Husbands Arrested in Chilling Sex Slave Saga

A Louisiana woman who leads a cult based on “Vikingism” has been arrested for allegedly holding a fourth partner captive as a sex slave. Hannah Frisby, 29, along with her three “husbands” and her uncle, were arrested on Friday in a shocking case that has stunned the community of West Monroe.

Frisby, who led this bizarre sect that dabbled in satanism, witchcraft, and Vikingism — a modern worship of the Norse gods — allegedly forced the victim to participate in a gruesome ritual involving the sacrifice of a puppy. The cult’s dark practices were exposed in arrest documents that KNOE obtained, revealing a story of manipulation and control that sounds almost too sinister to be true.

The investigation by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office began after the victim’s sister reported her disturbing situation to the police in September. The victim, who suffers from autism and ADHD, was engaged in a polyamorous relationship with Frisby and the three men. Upon moving in with the group, she was coerced into renouncing Christianity and adopting their radical beliefs.

In a particularly harrowing incident, the victim was forced to bathe in scalding water and scrub herself with a bristle brush soaked in bleach as a supposed exorcism of “evil spirits.” But the horror didn’t end there. Frisby allegedly presented a puppy to the victim, holding a knife to its chest as part of a “sacrifice to the gods.” The fate of the puppy remains unclear, with officials unable to confirm its wellbeing.

The victim’s ordeal worsened over time, being reduced to a slave and subjected to sexual demands from Frisby’s husbands. Refusal to comply resulted in abuse and sexual assault at the hands of Frisby herself.

The victim’s escape plan was set in motion when her sister visited for dinner. Using a family safety question as a coded distress signal, the victim was able to alert her sister to her desperate plight, scribbling a plea for help in a notebook.

The Ouachita Parish deputies, responding to a welfare check, arrived just two hours after the sister’s departure, leading to the cult’s unraveling.

Hannah Frisby now faces charges of first-degree rape, ritualistic acts, and aggravated battery. Her accomplices, including Justin Cowart, Caleb Frisby, and Tommy Allen, face various charges ranging from aggravated battery to first-degree rape.

This shocking case has left the community reeling, as the twisted and dark world of Frisby’s cult-like family comes to light, revealing a story that’s as bizarre as it is horrifying.

Author: CrimeDoor

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