Long Beach Woman Awarded Nearly $4 Million in Elder Abuse and Fraud Case

Long Beach Woman Awarded Nearly  Million in Elder Abuse and Fraud Case

A Long Beach woman, Suzanne Yorgason, has been awarded nearly $4 million in an elder abuse and fraud case. The jury found real estate investor Ken Allen Lamphear guilty of elder abuse, fraud, and fraud in the inducement. Yorgason, 80 years old, received $939,669 in compensatory damages and $3 million in punitive damages. The jury also determined that Lamphear acted with malice, oppression, or fraud.

Yorgason, who had lived in her home for 48 years, fell behind on her mortgage due to health issues. Lamphear, who owned multiple residential income properties, offered to buy her house when she sought help. Yorgason agreed, with the condition that her developmentally disabled sister could continue living there. However, the agreement was not put into writing.

While Yorgason was in a nursing home, a notary public visited her on Lamphear’s behalf. Without her glasses and not fully understanding what she was signing, Yorgason unknowingly signed a grant deed, transferring ownership of her property to Lamphear. Lamphear provided no promissory note or trust deed for Yorgason’s protection which is typically advised by a foreclosure defense attorney.

Upon learning that Lamphear now owned the property, Yorgason’s sister sought help from a cousin who contacted attorney William D. Chapman. Chapman filed a lawsuit on Yorgason’s behalf. The trial concluded with the jury awarding Yorgason compensatory and punitive damages.

Lamphear’s attorney, Devin Murtaugh, expressed disagreement with the jury’s decision and stated that there would likely be an appeal. The judgment phase of the trial is now underway, and Chapman plans to file a motion demanding Lamphear pay Yorgason’s attorney’s fees and court costs. Additionally, Chapman will request that Yorgason’s home be returned to her name.

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