Lockdown at Worcester State University Campus After Shooting Incident

Lockdown at Worcester State University Campus After Shooting Incident

A university campus in Massachusetts, Worcester State University, experienced a seven-hour lockdown following a double shooting incident near a parking garage. Authorities reported that the victims, who were subsequently hospitalized, as well as the assailants, were not affiliated with the university.

The shooting transpired around 3 a.m. in the vicinity of Wasylean Hall and Sheehan Hall, leading to a shelter-in-place order. Massachusetts State Police clarified that the incident was the result of an altercation and was not considered an active shooter situation.

The university’s alert system notified the campus community at 2:49 a.m. to seek shelter indoors and away from windows or openings to the outside. Subsequent updates stated that there was no immediate threat but maintained the shelter-in-place order.

Although initial reports suggested a suspect was in custody, the director of media communications for the Massachusetts State Police, Dave Procopio, later indicated it was premature to confirm such details. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Worcester State University, situated approximately 50 miles west of Boston, canceled all campus activities, including homecoming and family weekend events, in response to the situation.

Counseling resources were made available to students, and the university promised to provide further information as it became available. The campus remained closed for the day due to the ongoing incident. A notable police presence was observed on campus.

Worcester State University, covering 58 acres on the northwest side of the city, enrolls approximately 6,200 students and has 10 buildings, including four residence halls. Founded as a teacher-training school in 1874, it transitioned into a liberal arts and sciences college before being designated a university in 2010.

While the campus lockdown and shelter-in-place order were lifted around 9:30 a.m., authorities advised the public to exercise caution and avoid areas where police were conducting investigations.

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