LIRR Rider Slashed in Face During Violent Train Attack in Queens

LIRR Rider Slashed in Face During Violent Train Attack in Queens

An LIRR rider was viciously attacked and slashed in the face during a horrifying incident on a train in Queens on Monday. The incident, captured on video, occurred just days after another violent episode on the subway, where an armed individual was shot in the head.

According to a witness interviewed by ABC, the 27-year-old victim attempted to board a Long Island Rail Road train at the Locust Manor station around 3:50 p.m. However, a 32-year-old male suspect was blocking the entrance, leading to a confrontation. The victim managed to board the train after requesting the suspect to move, but the situation escalated when the suspect approached him and asked if he had something to say.

An argument ensued between the two individuals, culminating in the suspect jumping on top of the victim in his train seat. The suspect repeatedly assaulted the younger man, using a box cutter to slash his face. Disturbing footage of the incident captured the violent assault. In a shocking turn of events, the attacker even used his own sneaker, which had fallen off during the assault, to further beat his victim.

A third individual attempted to intervene and stop the violence. The suspect was eventually apprehended by the police, while the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. The identities of both individuals involved have not been disclosed.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) confirmed that the attack took place on the 3:22 p.m. train from Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan to Far Rockaway, Queens. As a result, the train was delayed for approximately 50 minutes to allow for investigation and response.

MTA spokesperson Meghan Keegan expressed gratitude for the swift response of the NYPD officers who ensured the safety of passengers and apprehended the perpetrator. Keegan emphasized that weapons have no place on trains.

This incident of random and terrifying violence follows a separate incident on the subway, where a man brandished a gun and taunted a stranger on an A train in Brooklyn during rush hour. The altercation ended with the armed individual being shot four times with his own weapon, as commuters fled in fear. Authorities determined the incident to be a case of self-defense.

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