Lincoln County Judge Traci Soderstrom Responds to Allegations of Texting Bailiff During Murder Trial

Lincoln County District Judge Traci Soderstrom looks at her cellphone during a murder trial on June 12, 2023

Lincoln County Judge Traci Soderstrom has submitted her response to allegations that she texted her bailiff hundreds of times during her first murder trial. The judge made national headlines when security cameras caught her allegedly texting during the trial of a two-year-old who was beaten to death in June 2018.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice John Cane is recommending the removal of Judge Soderstrom from the bench. He alleges that she had already made up her mind about the innocence of the boyfriend of the child’s mother. According to court documents, Cane claims that the judge mocked witnesses, jurors, and prosecutors in the text messages.

After the trial, security footage of Soderstrom texting was leaked to the media. The judge requested the camera to be moved away and privacy boxes to be placed over her desk. However, the county commissioners voted to remove the black boxes, stating that zooming in on her handwriting was not possible.

In her response, Soderstrom stated that she was not aware of any publicity regarding the alleged texting until the Lincoln County Sheriff provided the security camera footage to the District Attorney, who then leaked it to a reporter. She also claimed that the footage was provided without a warrant, court order, or subpoena.

District Attorney Adam Panter, unable to comment on the specifics of the allegations, stated that Soderstrom lied to the Council on Judicial Complaints and refused any accountability. Panter called her conduct “egregious and unprofessional” and expressed support for her removal.

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