License Plate Readers Assist in Arrest of Suspect Connected to Sturgis Double Homicide

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License Plate Readers Assist in Arrest of Suspect Connected to Sturgis Double Homicide

In a compelling turn of events, license plate readers played a crucial role in leading Sturgis police and St. Joseph County sheriff’s deputies to a suspect believed to be connected to a double murder case. Acting as an invaluable tool for law enforcement, these readers provided critical information that aided investigators in their pursuit of justice.

Addressing the media, Ryan Benazek, the Director of Public Safety for the city of Sturgis, alongside undersheriff Jason Bingaman, provided an update on the ongoing investigations surrounding the double homicide and subsequent officer-involved shooting that shook the town over the weekend.

On the evening of August 5th, Sturgis Department of Public Safety received an emergency call reporting a shooting in the vicinity of South Centerville and South Street. Arriving at the scene, officers discovered Stacy Mae Ramsey, a victim with a fatal gunshot wound, lying in the roadway. Despite the swift efforts of emergency responders, Ramsey tragically lost her life while en route to Bronson Hospital.

Initial reports and eyewitness accounts revealed that gunshots had been heard in the area, followed by the distressing sight of a female victim in the street. As onlookers rushed to assist her, the suspect regrettably returned to the scene, striking Ramsey with his vehicle before fleeing. Fortunately, community members came forward with valuable information that helped identify the suspect as David Elgarin Jr., crucial to the early stages of the investigation.

The use of license plate readers proved to be a pivotal breakthrough. These automated systems, capable of scanning thousands of license plates in mere seconds, provided investigators with vital leads. Armed with this information, Sturgis police and St. Joseph County sheriff’s deputies immediately sprang into action, deploying all available resources to locate and apprehend Elgarin.

While the investigation remains ongoing, the collaborative efforts between law enforcement and the community continue to yield positive results. Benazek emphasized that to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigations, no questions would be answered at this time.

The Sturgis community stands united in seeking justice for Ramsey and expressing their gratitude for the extraordinary efforts of law enforcement professionals involved in this case. As the investigation unfolds, the hope of closure grows stronger, bringing solace to the grieving family and loved ones affected by this tragic event.

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