Lebanese Migrant Caught at US Border Admits to Hezbollah Membership and Bomb Plot

Lebanese Migrant Caught at US Border Admits to Hezbollah Membership and Bomb Plot

A Lebanese migrant attempting to cross the US border has confessed to being a member of the notorious Hezbollah organization and revealed his intention to construct a bomb upon reaching New York, according to exclusive documents obtained by The Post. Basel Bassel Ebbadi, 22, was apprehended by border patrol agents near El Paso, Texas, on March 9. During his time in custody, Ebbadi openly admitted his motive, stating, “I’m going to try to make a bomb,” as detailed in a Border Patrol document.

Further investigations conducted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealed that Ebbadi had received seven years of training with Hezbollah and had served as an active member for an additional four years, guarding weapons locations. His training primarily focused on “jihad” and targeting non-Muslim individuals for violence. This alarming revelation comes as border agents continue to witness a surge in individuals on the terror watchlist illegally entering the United States, with crossings reaching record levels.

Hezbollah, an Iran-backed terrorist group, has recently launched missiles into northern Israel in response to an attack by Hamas on October 7, resulting in the deaths of approximately a dozen IDF soldiers and seven civilians. Ebbadi claimed that he was fleeing Lebanon because he no longer wished to participate in violence, stating, “once you’re in, you can never get out.”

Upon his apprehension, Ebbadi lacked proper documentation, alleging that they were stolen from him at knifepoint while he was in Costa Rica. He also admitted to using false identification and birthdates in Sweden, Ecuador (where he claimed his father resides), and Panama earlier this year. Initially, Ebbadi had intended to travel to New York and subsequently move around the country.

Following his capture, Ebbadi was immediately placed in isolation and referred for an interview with the Tactical Terrorism Response Team (TTRT) due to his “terroristic threats to personnel.” Internal documents indicate that he is marked for deportation, although the specific country to which he will be returned remains unclear.

Border agents have recorded a significant increase in encounters with individuals on the terror watchlist at both the northern and southern borders. In fiscal year 2022, there were 98 such encounters, nearly doubling to 172 encounters in the 2023 fiscal year, which concludes on September 20. As of the first four months of 2024, federal data shows that 59 individuals have been apprehended.

It is worth noting that the total number of terror watchlisted encounters between fiscal years 2017 and 2021 amounted to only 30 individuals. However, the criteria for inclusion on the watchlist was expanded after this period, although the specific details have not been disclosed.

In a separate incident just days before former President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Eagle Pass, Texas, a terror-watchlisted migrant illegally crossed into the area, as revealed in an internal agency memo obtained by The Post. The individual in question, Carlos Obed Yepez-Bedoya, a Colombian national, was initially apprehended by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and subsequently handed over to Border Patrol. Border agents determined that Yepez-Bedoya had alleged ties to terrorism.

This incident underscores the urgent need for enhanced border security measures, as potential threats to public safety and national security continue to exploit vulnerabilities. Texas DPS Lieutenant Chris Olivarez emphasized the federal government’s failure to enact such measures and highlighted Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star as an unprecedented effort to secure the border.

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