Leaked Document Alleges First Lady’s Involvement in President’s Assassination

A leaked document has surfaced, shedding light on a shocking conspiracy surrounding the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise. The 122-page document, published by local media outlet AyiboPost, implicates the president’s widow, Martine Moise, along with former Prime Minister Claude Joseph and ex-chief of police Leon Charles, in a plot to kill the president and seize power.

According to the leaked document, Judge Walther Wesser Voltaire has ordered the arrest and trial of approximately 50 individuals involved in the assassination. The attack, which took place at President Moise’s private residence in July 2021, involved a group of around 20 assailants, mostly Colombian mercenaries. The accused face charges including criminal conspiracy, armed robbery, terrorism, assassination, and complicity in assassination.

The document highlights the alleged involvement of Martine Moise, who was wounded during the attack. It describes her statements as contradictory and lacking credibility. Similarly, former Prime Minister Claude Joseph and ex-chief of police Leon Charles are found to have sufficient indications of their involvement in the assassination.

While the leaked document does not explicitly identify the masterminds or financiers behind the assassination, it provides crucial evidence that points to a conspiracy within the highest levels of power in Haiti.

Martine Moise has taken to social media to criticize what she perceives as unjust arrests. Former Prime Minister Joseph, on the other hand, has accused the current de facto successor, Prime Minister Ariel Henry, of weaponizing the Haitian justice system to carry out a coup d’état against political opponents.

In a separate trial taking place in Miami, the United States has jurisdiction over the case due to the involvement of individuals who planned the assassination in South Florida. Eleven people have been prosecuted for their alleged roles in the murder, with six of them pleading guilty to a plot that initially aimed to kidnap President Moise but was later changed to a plan to assassinate him. The conspirators allegedly sought to replace Moise with Haitian-American pastor Christian Emmanuel Sanon.

Since President Moise’s assassination, Haiti has descended further into chaos. No elections have been held, and a successor has not been appointed. Prime Minister Ariel Henry, now leading an opposition party, has indefinitely postponed elections due to a devastating earthquake and the rise of heavily armed criminal gangs. The country is grappling with rampant gang violence, with reports indicating that criminal groups control significant portions of the capital. Homicides have surged, reaching nearly 4,800 last year, according to a United Nations report.

In response to the deteriorating situation, Kenya is preparing to lead a UN-ratified international force to support the Haitian police. However, previous abuses by foreign missions and allegations against Prime Minister Henry’s government have made countries cautious about offering their support.

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