Leader of Mexican Vigilante Group, Bruno Plácido, Shot Dead in Guerrero State

Leader of Mexican Vigilante Group, Bruno Plácido, Shot Dead in Guerrero State

Bruno Plácido, a prominent leader of a civilian “self-defense” group in Mexico, was fatally shot on Tuesday in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero State. Plácido was known for his role in organizing a group of farmers to capture suspected gang members in 2013, aiming to combat the frequent killings and extortion demands by drug gangs against farmers and ranchers in the region.

Plácido’s group, armed with old hunting rifles, ancient pistols, and small-bore shotguns, set up armed patrols and roadblocks in the township of Ayutla to protect their communities. However, many other “self-defense” groups in southern and western Mexico have since been infiltrated or funded by drug cartels.

The motive and suspects behind Plácido’s killing have not been announced yet. His death follows the June ambush slaying of vigilante leader Hipólito Mora in the neighboring state of Michoacan. These incidents have effectively eliminated the remaining leaders of the armed “self-defense” movements.

Guerrero State, particularly Chilpancingo, has been plagued by turf battles among warring drug gangs. The region is controlled by a fragmented mix of drug cartels, including the Ardillos, the Tlacos, the Rojos, and Guerreros Unidos.

While there are still “community police” forces in Guerrero, they lack the necessary weapons and equipment to confront drug cartels. These legally recognized forces have been established in approximately 80 villages since 1995, primarily to detain and prosecute individuals for minor offenses.

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